Disciplinary process after being signed off sick with stress

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Can I continue a disciplinary process when an employee is signed off sick with stress?



It’s a myth that you have to abandon the process.

You can still continue but you need to add in extra steps to ensure it is fair and reasonable.

Engage occupational health or ask GP for a report or request medical records for the employee

If signed off with work related stress or reactive stress (due to the disciplinary process) you can continue the process.

It may well take more time.

Ensure employee remains informed that if the stress is reactive that by dealing with the workplace issue they can then focus on their health and getting better.

Ensure they have a companion.

Ensure there are plenty of breaks and there is access to refreshments etc

Potential for appeal stating they are not well enough to attend the hearing.

The appeal stage may be the point to take advice but you do not have to abandon the process.


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