Do I have to give my employees the extra bank holiday?

Do I have to give my employees the extra bank holiday?


Ron Davison covers the question we are hearing a lot at the minute.

Do I have to allow my employees the extra bank holiday for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2022?

It all comes down to the contract of employment and what it states holiday entitlement is.

Contracts will state x days including bank holidays.


x days plus bank holidays.

If the contract states plus bank holidays then yes, the employee will legally be entitled to this extra bank holiday.

If the contract states including bank holidays then no you do not have to allow your employees they extra holiday.

It is a little more complicated than that though. In challenging times like these it could affect morale if the extra day is not granted, so the decision to give the extra holiday may not just be the down to what is in the contract.


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